Our designers

A list of all the designers that are involved with the NEAR project.


T+LOCAL is a design company with a social conscience which believes in the power of design that can play a key role in researching and developing relevant strategies and systems for children and their neighbourhoods. Their project NExAR builds bridges between creative entrepreneurs and organisations in the Netherlands and the Arab World.

Studio Mieke Meijer

Studio Mieke Meijer is a Dutch design studio run by Mieke Meijer en Roy Letterle. A constructive form language, clean lines and industrial details contribute to a strong, recognisable signature. The designs are mostly handmade in their Eindhoven-based workshop. Craftsmanship and highly demanding finish are of fundamental importance.

Olivier van Herpt

The industrial machine is a black box between designers and users. It is an imaginary border dividing craft and design. The works of Olivier van Herpt, however, pry apart the machine, expanding this unit for standardised production into a platform for creative exploration.

Angela Jansen

As co-owner of Crealev, conceptual designer Angela Jansen creates eye-catching products utilising patented magnetic levitation (maglev) technology. The Crealev collection can be devided into three main categories; levitation modules, display products and floating lamps.

Marga van Oers

Art on Tiles. The miniature stories on StoryTiles are all designed by Marga van Oers. StoryTiles are of high quality, each tile is traditionally baked and made in Holland. The pieces of art are heat- and water-resistant, and the unique designs will last a lifetime.

Niels Bakkerus

The work of Niels Bakkerus is based on typograhy, calligraphy, illustration and graffiti. He plays with letters in order to create new meanings to the words these letters form. This wordplay is so advanced you can even read the text upside down. This is called an ambigram, one of Niels’ characteristic styles.

Rick Tegelaar

Rick Tegelaar graduated with honors from the ArtEZ Arnhem product design department in 2011. Since then he works independently from his studio and workshop in Arnhem. As a material-oriented designer, Rick’s work is characterised by the use of very uncommon materials, discovering new beautifully shaped forms with an innovative approach.

Rop van Mierlo

Rop van Mierlo is a graphic artist. He is known for his use of the wet-on-wet painting technique which he for instance used in his critically acclaimed book Wild Animals. New Window is an online platform and label that gives an insight into the creation process of art and design.


JSPR is a Dutch furniture and interior design brand, specialised in creating extraordinary, distinctive products and interiors. They offer high quality with an unexpected touch. Creativity combined with professional craftsmanship. That’s what JSPR represents. Additionally, JSPR also realises interior projects and produces custom-made pieces.

Studio Roex

Studio Roex is a furniture and product design studio based in Amsterdam. The designs are based on a basic approach towards existing shapes, materials and techniques. By placing them within a new context, they increase awareness of everyday objects. This approach leads to transparent and clear objects.


Twenty multidisciplinary residents are working in individual studios and benefit from communal facilities. Thanks to the abundance of resources available, they can experiment and produce in a stimulating environment. With the ambition of being both a local and international platform, Krux organises exhibitions, events, lectures and workshops, hosting guests and residents to reflect on industry, craftsmanship, economy and society.

Iris van Daalen & Ruben Thier

Iris van Daalen and Ruben Thier both graduated in 2010 in different departments at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. They started their design studio mid 2011, based in Eindhoven.

Ruben works more on the technical side of design where feasibility and the knowledge of material are important. Iris is more about intuition, form and colour. This results in a strong combination. ‘Rational versus intuitive, yet fresh ideas constantly appear.’

Max Lipsey

Atelier Max Lipsey is the workshop of Max Lipsey, a designer from the US currently working in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Max’s work follows his own fascinations with craft, production techniques, and objects. After an intellectually based education in the US, Max has been delving into a more intuitive, hands-on way of working, letting his ideas come from interactions with material and observations in the moment rather than an intellectual structure.

Niek van der Heijden

Niek van der Heijden’s work is experimental. It’s not about developing objects for mass production, creating commercial products, and even far less about up-cycling to create aesthetically pleasing lifestyle objects. It’s principally about the creative process and ultimately about the resulting dialogues between user and object. Generally he knows what type of object he wants to make: but how it will look, what form it will have and how it will work becomes clear during the construction process.

Rik Runge

Rik is an interaction design consultant at Philips Design, working on healthcare products and services. Furthermore he provides creative services to a multitude of clients with his office for branding and design: Utopian Army. Prior to this, Rik founded Wakelicious, an award-winning video alarm clock service.

Sanne Schuurman

Sanne Schuurman (1989) was born in Fredsberg, Sweden, and grew up in The Netherlands. During her graduation at the Design Academy Eindhoven (cum laude) she founded her Eindhoven based studio. She works on a wide range of commissioned and self initiated projects. Her work has always revolved around a need to play with materials and color and showing the essence of an object or technique.

Ritchie van Daal

VANDAAL is led by Ritchie van Daal, and is based in Herkenbosch, Limburg, The Netherlands. Ritchie graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2015 with ‘the Artificial Selection Project’. A love for mechanics, construction and development are driving forces behind what is VANDAAL. VANDAAL focusses on the production and design of intricate products and objects, often with a complex mechanical twist, not necessarily with a very pronounced function. So called ‘non products’ or ‘fun products’. Products with a secondary use.

Joost Seegers

Joost Seegers graduated from the Artez Arnhem product design department in 2015. Since then he works independently from his studio and workshop in Nijmegen. As a designer I tend to work with different models, such as scale and test models. By creating these, I can further develop my creativity in the design of a project as models strenghten my imagination. Various aspects in life as well as every-day objects inspire me. The elements of little mechanical objects, for example, truly fascinate me due to their linear constructions and moving joints.


Studio OS∆OOS tries to find the balance between form, material and their relation to the surroundings and the user. For the duo it is the constant search to find the essence in the complex that drives them, taking an initial concept and working it into an object that conveys only what is meant to. The majority of work borders the line of design (in the industrial/ functionality sense) and autonomous objects; best described as contemporary objects derived from concept, yet rationalized to give them purpose.