A bridge-building initiative between The Netherlands and the Arab world in the field of design.

وهو مبادرة لبناء جسور بين هولندا والعالم العربي في مجال التصميم من اجل التأثير الاجتماعي

Design is a discipline that is known for being creative and open-minded. Our experience in the field has proved that design is able to build bridges between countries, cultures and societies. It can be a first a step to stimulate people and organisations to work across cultures and disciplines and to learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences.

NExAR shares with other countries what the Dutch creative industry is all about. We aim to show how the Dutch creative industry got to where it is today and how that relates to the Dutch values and context. By doing so, we hope to start a discussion about the development of creative industries in other cultures. We hope to not only stimulate a cultural exchange, but also to empower people within their creative industry, both students and professionals, to be part of shaping the future of their industry and country.

We do this all by organising lectures, workshops and exhibitions, usually in collaboration with local designers and embassies to make sure we actually contribute to the local industry.


shares knowledge and experience about design


shares perspectives on the position and added value of design for the cultures we live in


creates a network of like-minded designers


initiates multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural projects


builds bridges to learn form each other

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Dubai Design Week 2017

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